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My background is in Education. I taught in secondary schools for many years, and then I worked at NCET - Becta - on a variety of projects to do with the use of ICT in teaching and learning. Since leaving Becta I have undertaken a number of projects including web site support. I have edited existing sites, tinkered with them to improve the way that they display, re-written them, and then more recently I have begun to develop web sites from scratch. For the technically minded, these sites include flat HTML sites, sites with PHP routines, sites which are largely running out of MySQL databases using Perl routines. There are sites which run on Apache servers, sites on a First Class server and on an IIS server with ASP, and there are several examples which exploit Digital Brain's London Grid for Learning routines.

The links below are to some of the sites that I have been involved in and which might still be visible on the web. But I have stopped doing this sort of work now, having taken up translation in my old age!

Previous Projects:

Sites running off Apache servers, with a mixture of PHP, Perl and MySQL thrown in

Sites formerly running off IIS servers

The next section illustrates one of the problems of the digital age: if a site is taken down, it no longer exists, all traces are lost. In the print era, you could have gone to a library, somewhere, and would have a chance of finding an old copy of the materials. You might still find some of the excellent Lewisham materials in print form, but the site and all it held just disappeared, overnight. The ICT Learning Diaries were stored on the ITTE site, and if anyone asks me nicely I can republish Talent and the Lewisham Literacy Strategy and, at a pinch if asked nicely, the Lewisham ICT Advice sites. You can view surprisingly large chunks of these sites on the Internet Archive WayBackMachine site. I've 'exposed' the URLs so you can copy them into the WayBackMachine if you are so inclined.

Sites running off the London Grid for Learning (with apologies for the poor accessibility of the LGfL platform)

Sites running off a First Class server (all gone - that server has vanished into thin cyberspace)

Personal site with WordPress – blogging – software

Other WordPress installations using my own theme

Commercial and personal favour sites

A couple of development sites which never got anywhere:

I share, with three other brothers and one sister, the immense privilege of being a child of Dr Jack Howlett. There's an item I wrote about him which first appeared on MirandaNet and a link to a video of the reconstructed Differential Analyser in action. If you are interested in the convoluted history of the Howlett Family, also known as Vaughan and even as Beales, as well as the history of my mother's side of the family (Simmons) then you need to get in touch with my brother Graham Howlett who has constructed the most amazingly detailed analysis of my family's roots as well as those of his wife, covering the Dugan, Penney, Lloyd, Blake and Balfour family names. For obvious reasons, the detailed parts of his site are password protected, but if you have a legitimate reason for finding out more, there are links on the 'Dugans et al - Genealogical Journeys' web site to help you obtain entry.

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