30TH JANUARY 1987 – 26TH JULY 2006


Jessie was an amazing person. She was of course very talented at chess and many of her friends, from all corners of the globe, met her through the large ‘chess network’.

Jessie was one of England’s leading women players and had most recently represented her country in the national women’s team on board 2 in the chess Olympiads in Turin, 20th May – 5th June. Although her team debut had only been in August last year for the European Team Championships in Gothenburg, she was already a much valued and respected member of the team. She also represented England in the European Individual Women’s Championships in Turkey in April, 2006, where her fine performance earned her the final of three norms for the Women’s International Master title. Still a junior internationally, she has represented England every year at World or European Girls’ Championships since she was 12, in 2001 winning the bronze medal in the European Girls’ Under 14 Championship. She first came to prominence when she won the Women’s World Amateur Championship aged just 12, the youngest player ever to do so.

Jessie was fundamentally very talented. However, the qualities that set her apart as an individual from so many others, are those identified in the comments below and to which it is hard to even begin to put into words. However, to make an attempt, Jessie was loving, kind, caring, inspiring, courteous, modest, self-effacing, warm, gentle, helpful, loyal, fun… truly a wonderful girl who will be truly missed.

Please feel free to leave comments below – they are of much comfort to all who loved her and serve as a fitting tribute to Jessie.

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  1. Dear Jessie,

    I always did turn up late, so please forgive the lapse of a day.

    Next Spring marks the 10th anniversary of the tournament which you won in Korea. You will be remembered.


  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday Jessie. You are often in my thoughts. I will always remember you for your amazing laugh, your caring and fun-filled friendship and your incredible intelligence. You achieved so much in such a short time and your memory lives on in so many of us as an inspiration. Sending lots of love to you and to your brave family.

  3. Darling Jessie, seven years now since you left us, but I’ll never forget that day or how much I miss you, your innocence and your gentle smile. Too good for this earth perhaps, now peaceful in Heaven. You are always in my heart. All my love, Mummy xxxxx

  4. Another year gone by … you are still in our thoughts … seems like only yesterday that we said goodbye at the Torino Olympiad. xxx

  5. We miss you terribly, We keep your photo in the lounge. Just today
    someone mentioned your name and your wonderful achievements
    and the years rolled back to remember a time when we were all together.
    Pat, Vanessa and Poppy

  6. You are in my thoughts as ever, darling Jessie. I will always miss you, and wish that I could change things for you. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you more, you deserved better from life. But I’m very grateful to all your kind friends for their warmth towards you in life and still. Mummy xxxxx

  7. Can it really be six years since you left us ? It must be. My last memory of you is at the final day of the Torino Olympiad and I shall never forget you. RIP. Peter

  8. I met Jessie and her family several times in my capacity as an Optometrist. Jessie was always very polite. She seemed a very mature, quiet, intelligent and sensible girl. Was very sorry to hear of your tragic passing. My thoughts and regards to the family. Risha.

  9. Dear Jessie,

    Happy 25th birthday for yesterday. I haven’t posted here before but I think of you such a lot. I passed my Oxford Medical School Finals last week, Finals you should have passed with me. Med School hasn’t been easy and there were at least three times when I was seriously thinking of dropping out but I had to keep going, partly in your name. We miss you ever so much but your time in our lives gives us the strength and willpower to carry on. Thank you Jessie. Love and hugs, Himmi xXx

  10. Still in the thoughts of so many of us, Jessie. I have the everlasting memory of saying ‘Goodbye’ to you in Torino … at the time we didn’t know it really was ‘Goodbye’ and not ‘Au Reviour’.


  11. Happy Birthday Darling Jessie. 25 years ago you were my new baby, innocent and trusting of the world. We miss you terribly today and always. Your days here were sometimes good, but now in Heaven please find eternal happiness. All my love, Mummy xxxxxxx

  12. Always my little girl, I remember your happy playful sense of fun. You’ll never have to grow old, but instead are now at peace. I miss you so much. All my love, Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Five years ago today – already? It seems only yesterday that we said our goodbyes at the Torino Olympiad – the last time we would meet.

    Rest in Peace, Jessie. Peter

  14. I always wondered why thoughts of Jessie – who I never met – popped into my mind from time to time and now I think I understand. I lost my fiance to suicide on November 1st 2010. My heart goes out to Jessie’s family and friends tremendously. I hope you are all surviving and Jessie is safe.


  15. I read about Jessie some time ago and although I never met her, she still pops into my mind from time to time – I am the age that Jessie would have been now. I hope she is now safe and at peace.

    Sending my warmest, comforting wishes to all Jessie’s family and friends.

  16. Another year has slipped away … we still remember you Jessie. I’m very proud to have known you. Peter Wilson

  17. Happy Birthday Jessie – I’m missing you so much. I will always love you and be thinking of you. Thank you for being such a great sister,

    Lots of love forever Jojo

  18. Thinking of you so much Darling Jessie, and loving you. I wish I could change things for you and give you back your happiness. Thank you for being with me for a wonderful nineteen years. With all my love, Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. I can’t believe it has been 4 years since you, a beautiful gem left us. Missing you loads and may you be at peace. Love you loads. Thinking of your family and sending love. xXxXxXxXx

  20. It hardly seems possible that it is now 4 years since you left us. We still remember you and still miss you – and we always will.

  21. Happy 23rd Birthday baby sister. Missing you today, and every day. Lots of love from your big sister Sam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Happy 23rd birthday darling Jessie. There’s snow on the ground today – you’d be very pleased! Every day I wish you were here enjoying the life you deserved. We miss you so much.
    With all my love, Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. Another year has gone … today is your 23rd birthday yet you will be 19 for ever. Those of us who knew you think about you often and will never forget you. Your Mum and your Sisters still miss you so much.

  24. hey Jess! I just wanted to say that i really miss you and i know it’s your birthday coming up soon…Thinking of you soo much always! load of love always Rina mwa! xXXXx

  25. I first met Jessie when I was the International Rating Officer of the then BCF. Jessie was such a polite girl and clearly left a mark on all those who met her.

    She maybe gone but she is most definately not forgotten. x

    Paul Keevil

  26. A lovely person who achieved so much in her short life. How shocking that it ended that way, it would have been a pleasure to meet her and play her.

  27. I can’t believe it’s now more than three years since I last saw you Jessie. I miss you so much today, and always. I love you so much. All my love from your big sister xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  28. It’s been three years. Three years which should have culminated in your graduating with distinction from Oxford University.

    Instead you have graduated into our memories, where you will remain always.

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