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Source: The Times article by Ben Hoyle and Grainger Laffan

Quote from Ben Hoyle and Grainger Laffan

‘Family friends last night described her as a kind high-achiever who had a very bright future.’

‘Many chess experts believed she had the potential to be one of the best female players in the world.’

‘She was closing in on the ranking points that would have enabled her to realise a long-cherished ambition: becoming a Women’s International Master.’

NB Jessie has since been awarded her WIM (Women’s International Master) by the World Chess Federation.

‘Jessie began playing chess when she was 8. She won the Women’s World Amateur Championship when 11, beating adult players to became the youngest British winner. Against opposition from 13 countries, she also won the Women’s World Chess Federation Master title.’

Quote from a close family friend

‘It is a huge loss. She was a lovely girl and the kindest person.’

Quote from Reverend Howard Curtis, President of the Coulsdon Chess Federation in Surrey

‘She was a lovely girl who had everything but never lorded it over anyone. She is going to be very much missed. I think she could have achieved anything she took up but she chose chess and we were delighted. She was very competitive but always played in a good spirit.’

Source: The Times article by Adam Fresco and Grainger Laffan

Quote from Adam Fresco and Grainger Laffan

‘Other British players in the tournament did not play on Wednesday in respect for Ms Gilbert.’

Quote from the English Chess Federation

‘It is with great sadness that the ECF has learnt of the death of Jessie Gilbert. Jessie was one of England’s leading women players. She was already a much valued and respected member of the team. Her friendly personality endeared her to all ages in the chess community and she will be much missed.’

Quote from one of the Czech Open tournament organisers

‘She was so young and talented’

Quote from Raymond Keene

‘She was considered a rising star in the chess world.’

Source: The Times article by Steven Swinford and Gareth Walsh

‘Jessie was one of Britain’s most exciting young chess talents.’

Source: BBC News

Quote from Reverend Howard Curtis, President of the Coulsdon Chess Federation in Surrey

‘She was a lovely young lady, she was very helpful. Though she obviously went higher and higher she always played for us whenever she could as a thank you for what we did for her over the years.’

Quote from John Upham, Andrew Martin Chess Academy

‘She was such a bright spark in English chess and a very promising player.’

Source: Chessbase

‘Jessie was much loved and an exceptionally talented chess player.’

Source: The Independent article by Lauren Veevers

Quote from Susan Lalic

‘She had her whole life before her. Jessie was a real fighter. She was bubbly, clever and considerate.’

Quote from Jonathon Tuck

‘It is important for young players to dedicate a lot of time and effort to it [chess], and that is what I remember about Jessie. She focused 100 per cent. Her concentration level was exceptional – she would sit for hours taking in the board.’

Quote from Sue Maguire

‘It is just so sad that the chess world has lost such a bright spark.’

Source: Anonymous quotes

‘Jessie phoned home a lot when she was away, as she was very close to her mum and sisters.’

no one had a bad word to say about Jessie. She was a shooting star, one in a million.’

‘I’ve realised you’re the sort of person you only meet once in a lifetime’

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