Jessie in the News!


Lots of articles have appeared in the press and on the web about Jessie. I have selected some articles which I feel have been sensitively written and show an insight into, and awareness of, the wonderful girl that Jessie was.

All those who were lucky enough to know Jessie, and the countless others whose lives she touched and continues to touch, will know what an amazing person Jessie was. The countless number of newspaper articles written about her only go to show what a well-loved and respected person she was.

However, please, in remembering her, do not do her the injustice of dwelling over the circumstances of her death. Instead, I ask that you remember the precious and multi-talented girl the following articles acknowledge.

If you know of any other articles written about Jessie which you feel have a place on her website please post a comment on the site, preferably with the name of the article, author and webpage address, or email via, and I’ll look into it.

All of your input into Jessie’s website is gratefully received.

Thank you

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